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Daniel Nieto

Known as Danieto, electronic civil engineer and artist who experiments with sounds, images, programming and interactive installations. He began to produce in his teen years under the name “ADN” (DNA), based on the thinking that his music would favor the genetic evolution towards sound stimuli, as affirmed in the 1999 Austral compilation, a milestone that united him with respected Chilean and German musicians, who at the time were promoting a style of unsettling atmospheres and rhythms. He published two albums with Pier Bucci under the name Skipsapiens with the U-Cover (Belgium) and Mutek Rec (Canada) labels.

When he moved out of adolescence, he went to college and participated in the Ojo de Apolo label, recording, mixing and mastering albums that were published in a way that was both amateur and high-tech at the same time. At that time, he entered his minimalist phase and changed his alias to “Danieto,” basing his music on hypnotic and psychedelic patterns, abstract rhythms and digital processes, always resulting in a clean and calculated sound. He created the first Chilean Netlabel, “” in conjunction with Claudio Cisterna. After graduating from the engineering program and intervening in the industrial world with “alien” technology, today Daniel moves amidst controlled chaos, creating interactive, musical and visual installations that he shows at his concerts. His last album, “Nueva Estación” (New Station), was published on vinyl by Level Records in Düsseldorf, Germany.


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