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Pirotecnia / cl

DJ Raff

After a long and fruitful career in hip hop, where he formed part of and collaborated with the biggest names in the genre in Chile, in 2006, Raff launched Raffolution, his first solo album. This was the beginning of a new stage in the artistic life of the Chilean producer, and also the start of internationalization and recognition of the Latin American scene. He would later go on to sign with the Californian label, National Records, and participate in important international festivals.

The electronic character of his music, which was already showing signs in the productions of his hip hop duo with Solo Di Medina, began to take on a more protagonist role. Sound experimentation later played a greater role in his productions, and in 2010 led him to enroll in graduate studies in Sonology with the creators of Reactable at Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. In 2012, DJ Raff and Latin Bitman formed part of the RVSB electronic project and today they join forces with cultural manager, Dalal Leiva Egnem, to create Pirotecnia, a record label that serves as a platform for generating content that addresses creativity and art from different viewpoints.


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