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Fantasna has emerged as one of the most interesting names in the current music scene in Chile and on the continent. Characterized by the sophistication of his sounds and attention to detail, his present style can be seen in his EP “Del Cuore” (From the Core), launched exclusively through the Pirotecnia label, which kicked off in full force to give a new face to the national electronic scene. Fantasna, whose real name is Sebastián Mella, has made his name by dabbling in a very personal sound, which began as experimentation and as time went on, started alluding to classic and deep house music, giving it a characteristic polyrhythmic aspect.

His work has been edited by Chilean and international labels such as Nomucho (Santiago, Chile), Discos Pegaos (Santiago, Chile), Ojo de Apolo (Berlin, Germany), Apparel Music (London, UK), Secouer Records (Puglia, Italy), Neovinyl Records (Málaga-Berlin), Melisma (Berlin-Santiago). Since 2014, he forms part of Pirotecnia, and with his EP Cosas del Cuore (Things from the Core), he won Best Electronic Artist of the year in the 2015 Pulsar Awards.

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