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Fernanda Arrau

Over the past 10 years, Fernanda Arrau has made a name for herself as DJ and producer in the Santiago party circuit and big productions and in the city’s electronic underground scene. Over the past few years, she has taken on new challenges as she applies her experience and knowledge from the dance floors to creating her own music. After launching her last EP with Sebastián Román (MKRNI) as producer, she signed with the Pirotecnia label and will be launching her album “Cambio/Fuera” (Over and Out) in October. Fernanda Arrau has played at major clubs in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Mexico City and has participated in big name festivals.

Her music is the culmination of her DJ experience and the start of her facet as a musician, where intuition and observation of how people respond on the dance floor have been key aspects in the creation of this production. Her sound moves between deep house and techno with an influence from 1980’s synthesizers, samplers, Latin rhythms and machine pop. The result is music that moves between dark, fun and intense rhythms: a daring proposal, which is at the same time easy and intuitive, provoking a physical effect that is shared on the dance floor.

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