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Rodrigo Valdivia

Rodrigo Valdivia (1986), Chilean DJ from Temuco, is seen by his colleagues as a pioneer in southern Chile. He defines his style as spacestyle and says that music should have elements of surprise that evoke memories: “It should surprise people with some element that reminds them of something, that takes them to a familiar place, no matter how small the memory or insinuation of something.”

His love for music started at a young age, through his father. In 2006 he formed part of a rock band (Fuser!), and this was when he discovered electronic music.

“What I most wanted to do was invent stories with music.”

Before he started DJing, he listened to electronic music for three years, until he discovered Radio Cigarra, Influenced by this, he began to research and download music and software to start mixing, and he soon began DJing with Cigarra every two months. He later went on to play in the legendary Club La Feria in Santiago, with Umho, Trabko and Jakco, who were also his first musical influences.

“At a party, I try to put smiles on people’s faces, that is my mission.”

He plays regularly at Cigarra and is resident at Safari parties.

Rodrigo has made a major impact on the Chilean electronic scene over the last few years.

“I am really happy doing what I do. Music clears my head, and my ultimate dream and goal is to live for music, with music, and off music.”


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