ALMA sounds present in Sonar + D – Barcelona

13 June, 2016

What they have in common science and art? Is it possible that both ways of interpreting the world can unite in a common language? Two of the greatest scientific institutions worldwide – CERN, the European organization for nuclear research and ALMA the largest astronomical observatory in the world – have asked this question by proposing collaborations between science and art.

Monica Bello, director of Arts @ CERN, explain why the most important scientific institution in Europe wants to see artists at its center technology working together with theoretical and experimental physicists. For his part, Antonio Hales, director of scientific operations of ALMA and Enrique Rivera, curator of the Media Arts Biennial Santiago, Chile, explained the project ALMA Sounds, which captured sounds of the Orion Nebula, making them available to musicians.

The talk will be moderated by Fernando Cucchietti, director of Data Display Group of Barcelona Supercomputing Centre.

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