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Art and Music from ALMA Sounds in the Puerto Ideas Festival/Antofagasta

5 May, 2017

From April 9 to May 4, ALMA Sounds was invited to present an exhibit based on the interaction between art, music and astronomy in the Art room of the Minera Escondida Foundation in Antofagasta.


constelacion andina


It involved an exhibit of historical astronomy archives in Chile, an interactive installation developed by Mirko Petrovich, a sound production station by The Loft Music Academy, and a listening station with music tracks created by Daniel Nieto, Uwe Schmidt, Diego Errázuriz and Dj Raff.


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An emblematic activity was the creation of a chalk mural representing the constellations of the Atacameño people, made by students from the Antofagasta Art School.


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The Puerto de Ideas cycle of talks included a conference with Antonio Hales, one of the project developers, who took an in-depth look at the methodologies used to create the interconnection between astronomy and music.


Puerto de Ideas

This is one of the most important art, science and philosophy events in Chile, where representatives from around the world come together to reflect on the current state of society and future challenges. For ALMA Sounds, it has been an honor to participate in this event.

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