ALMA Sounds in Watchers of the Universe

19 April, 2017

To engage the community around the mysteries of the universe through a day of guided observation while paying homage to the recipient of the 1997 National Award for Exact Sciences, Maria Teresa Ruiz, for her 2017 Women in Science Award, the Futures Congress, promoted by the Senate’s Future Challenges Commission, called on leading experts, including CONICYT Council President, Dr. Mario Hamuy, to participate in Watchers of the Universe.




Dr. María Teresa Ruiz kicked off the activity, explaining why she decided to pursue astronomy, encouraging attendees, especially children, to fall in love with this discipline. Instances that are open to the public like this one are a great opportunity for outreach and to break down certain myths that people have about women and men in science. I hope some of the girls who participated in the observation today realize that science is really fun and that it is definitely a way of life, she said.

Dr. Hamuy shared some aspects of his life and how he became an astronomer. He also briefly explained the research lines that he has developed throughout his outstanding career, contributions that earned him the National Award for Exact Sciences in 2015.




The president of CONICYT highlighted the initiative Watchers of the Universe, because we were able to hear the concerns of children who are very interested in the cosmos. Many of them want to be astronomers and they need our support, because in the near future we will need professionals that are ready to face the challenges that Chile has set itself up for by positioning itself as one of the leading countries in astronomical research worldwide.




Subsequently, electrical engineer Ricardo Finger, an academic at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Chile, shared with the audience the project ALMA Sounds, an initiative that seeks to combine music and astronomy, through the sonorization of parameters delivered by the ALMA radio telescope.

The meeting was held with the collaboration of the Vice President of the Senate, the Future Challenges Commission, CONICYT, through its Explora Program, the Chilean Astronomy Society, the University of Chile, ALMA Sounds and the Municipality of Santiago.



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