ALMA Sounds to become cosmic wind in the “Electrodomésticos” concert

20 April, 2018

At 9:00 pm on April 22, the band “Electrodomésticos” will use ALMA Sounds for its next concet in the Santiago Municipal Theater.

“Since the appearance of electronic music, no new sound space has emerged, at least not on my radar,” says Carlos Cabezas, leader of the band. “Our interest in working with ALMA Sounds -as a name for an astronomic observatory it couldn’t possibly be more poetic- is mainly because it is a completely new sound space.” “I think that simply situating yourself in that space, outside the planet, on another scale of thought and awareness, is a very powerful human and artistic experience, which is why we want to use these sounds in our concert, so that they can float, fully immersed in a sort of cosmic wind,” he adds.

X la Humanidad” (For Humanity) is the name of the upcoming release from this band, led by Carlos Cabezas, which will include ALMA Sounds.

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